I am a filmmaker and moving image artist. My work focuses on women and ‘the female condition’, in all its manifestations. I make films and installations containing alternative representations of women, which counter received ideas portrayed via mainstream media, of women as passive ‘reactors’ and victims or hyper-sexualised icons. I have been inspired and influenced by film directors such as Sally Potter and Jane Campion, both of whom explore ‘femaleness’ in a variety of forms, or the work of Janet Cardiff & Georges Bures-Miller, who use sound and filmic elements poetically to engage an audience in psychological journeys. I employ a great deal of ‘instinct’ in my filmmaking, following co-incidences, working with materials, personalities, stories and imagery and ‘opening my poetic antennae’ to discovering connections between various elements in the work. The final piece is then imbued with many layers of meaning, some of which are only revealed when the work is put before an audience, whose viewing enters into the ‘dialogue’ of the artwork.